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Pancho Villa's Revenge

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Pancho Villa’s Revenge

                The Battle of Agua Prieta

1.       U.S. lends Carranza’s forces their help, U.S. railroads were used to transport Carranza’s troops.

2.       Were effectively trying to destroy Villa and his ability to continue the Revolution

3.       Villa’s forces are ambushed by Obregon and a much stronger better supported Mexican Army

4.       Villa is wiped out, forced knocked down to less than 500 men.

5.       Villa quits the Revolution

6.       Villa was led by the United States  to believe that he would be the one recognized, when he was not he warned the Americans to be on the lookout for him.


Pancho Villa and the United States

1.       Born 1876 Chihuahua Mexico, real name was Doroteo Arrango, changed his name following the rape of his sister.

2.       Worked as a butcher, Brick layer and horse runner

3.       Was sentenced to death when Huerta took control of Mexico

4.       Was somewhat of a celebrity in the United States prior to 1916 would come across the border in El paso and have Ice Cream in the local shops.

5.       Had pictures taken with famous American military men including Black Jack John Pershing.

Villa’s Attack on the United States

1.       Santa Isabel Jan. 1916, U.S. sends engineers to Mexico to help with humanitarian project, leave by railroad,

a.       Villa stops the train; pulls off all 15 Americans shoot them all in the back of the head, in cold blood.

2.       Feb 1916  William Benton prominent cattle rancher.

a.       Villa was stealing his cattle to feed his men

b.      Benton confronts Villa asks him to pay for the cattle he has taken

c.       Benton is murdered by Villa and his men

3.       Columbus New Mexico

a.       March 6 Villa is located 30 miles south of Columbus New Mexico

b.      March 7 Villa warns Americans to be on the lookout for him

c.       March 8 Villa is located 8 miles south of Columbus

4.       March 9 1916 Pancho Villa with 500 men raid the border town of Columbus New Mexico

a.       Town is burned to the ground

b.      Local bank is robbed, numerous businesses are looted, women are raped

c.       Villa lost 22 men, 19 Americans are killed and the town is destroyed

5.       President Wilson orders a Punitive expedition to find and punish Villa



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