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Friars U.S. History
Hoover tries to help
Reasons for the depression
whos who
Reasons for the crash
Hoover tries to help
The New Deal for America
Photo Analysis
Evaluating the New Deal
Whos Who WWII
The Rise of Hitler
The Government of Hitler/The Fighting begins
Mobilizing for the War
Poster Analysis
Victory in Europe
The End....aren't you glad!?

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Hoover tries to help

1.       Many people believed that the federal government should step in and help the economy

a.       Hoover rejected the idea of direct government aid

b.      Argued that direct federal relief would create a large government something his did not believe in

c.       Hoover urged the people to help themselves, he believed that private charities and local communities could best provide for the needy not government

2.       Hoover and many in his cabinet proposed a laissez-faire approach to the economy, he wanted American businesses to deal with the problems on their own        

a.       He encouraged business leaders to voluntarily maintain pre depression levels of production employment and wages

b.      At Hoovers request Congress and state governments funded several public work programs, Hoover hoped the projects would stimulate business and  reduce unemployment

c.       During his presidency Hoover approved over 800 million in public works projects, yet they had little impact on the depression

1932 Election

1.       The election pitted Hoover against the democratic challenger Franklin D. Roosevelt

2.       Hoover tried to defend his policies, but he soon realized he had little chance of victory

3.       Roosevelt’s campaign was short on specifics, instead he repeatedly attacked Hoovers record and promised a more even distribution of wealth

4.       Roosevelt carried 42 states, and won with ease. The Democrats won decisive majorities in both the house and Senate

     5.   Many were excited about Roosevelt’s New Deal

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