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Friars U.S. History
The Government of Hitler/The Fighting begins
Reasons for the depression
whos who
Reasons for the crash
Hoover tries to help
The New Deal for America
Photo Analysis
Evaluating the New Deal
Whos Who WWII
The Rise of Hitler
The Government of Hitler/The Fighting begins
Mobilizing for the War
Poster Analysis
Victory in Europe
The End....aren't you glad!?

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The Government of Hitler

1.      Hitler’s Government called the Third Reich (third empire) claimed dictorial powers over Germany

2.      The Third Reich prohibited Jews and non-Nazis form holding gov’t jobs, outlawed strikes, and made military service mandatory

3.      Hitler rearmed the country in violation of the treaty of Versailles

a.      Claimed that rearmament strengthened the economy and reduced unemployment

4.      March 1936 German troops moved into the Rhineland two years later they overtook Austria

5.      1935 Hitler instituted the Nuremberg Laws which deprived the Jews of their citizenship and authorized the destruction of Jewish property

a.      Many wealthy and famous Jewish people were able to find refuge abroad, however the vast majority had no place to turn.

The fighting begins

1.      In response to Germany’s aggression Britain and France announced that they would go to war if Germany was to attack Poland.

a.      They called on the Soviet Union to join them to stop further German aggression

b.      Instead Joseph Stalin signed a nonaggression pact with Germany

c.       The pact called for Germany and the Soviet Union to not attack each other

2.      Sept 1 1939 Germany invaded Poland, two days later the Allies declared War on Germany

3.      U.S. outwardly remained neutral while they sold war supplies to Britian under the Lend Lease Act

4.      May 1940 the German Blitzkrieg (lightning warfare) continued, Germany went around the heavily fortified Maginot Line

a.      Occupy France in less than one month British forces are evacuated across the English Channel to England

5.      July 1941 Japan continues its expansion into Indochina       

a.      President Roosevelt in response froze all Japanese assets in the United States, and set up an embargo on shipment of gasoline, tools, scrap Iron, a steel to Japan

6.      Shortly before 8:00 am December 7, 1941 the Japanese launched their attack on the U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor Hawaii

a.      20 warships, 200 aircraft, and 2400 U.S. sailors are killed in the attack

7.      The next day President Roosevelt asked for a declaration of war against Japan, Congress quickly approved

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