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Friars U.S. History

Northern and Southern Advantages

Reasons for the depression
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Reasons for the crash
Hoover tries to help
The New Deal for America
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Evaluating the New Deal
Whos Who WWII
The Rise of Hitler
The Government of Hitler/The Fighting begins
Mobilizing for the War
Poster Analysis
Victory in Europe
The End....aren't you glad!?

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Comparing the North and South


Northern Advantages

1.       Population: North had 22 million residents compared to the South’s 9 million of which 3.5 million were slaves

2.       Economic: North controlled more than 85% of the nations industry, Allowed the north to produce military supplies more quickly

3.       Transportation: because the North had over twice as many railroad tracks as the south they were able to more easily move troops and supplies

4.       Naval Superiority: Most U.S. Navy forces remained loyal to the Union forcing the Confederate Army to build a new navy from scratch.

Southern Advantages

1.       Defensive War: The Confederacy’s only objective was to defend it territory until the Union tired of the struggle.

2.       Military Leadership: Most Southern victories would result from the brilliant military leadership in the South. Many of these men were from Virginia and they stayed loyal to their state when they seceded, Including Robert E. Lee, Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson, Jeb Stuart, and James Longstreet.

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