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Friars U.S. History

Prelude to the Mexican War

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The New Deal for America
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Victory in Europe
The End....aren't you glad!?

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Prelude to the Mexican War

  1. 1837 U.S. recognized the Independence of Texas.
  2. 1844 James K. Polk win the presidency with the Promise of bringing Texas and California into the Union.
  3. 1845 Texas becomes a State
  4. Mexico begins a military build-up requesting volunteers.
  5. U.S. sends troops to the border and Naval forces to the Gulf of Mexico.


President James K. Polk

The Issue

  1. Main Issue of the Dispute dealt with the Southern border of Texas
    1. Mexico claimed border was the Nueces River

                                                               i.      Had thousands of maps and Colonial Documents to back up their claim

    1. U.S. said border was the Rio Grande river based their claim on:

                                                               i.      Texans were allowed to settle by the river when immigrating

                                                             ii.      Santa Anna ordered his troops across the Rio Grande when retreating from Texas Revolution.

  1. At stake was thousands of square miles and most of present day New Mexico
  2. U.S. sent a peace commission to Mexico City to settle to try to settle the dispute
    1. Commission really wanted to purchase disputed land 5 million for New Mexico and 25 Million for California
    2. Intentions of U.S. were leaked to the Press
    3. Mexican President Herrera snubbed the peace commission because of public outrage.


Find the disputed territory

Mexico’s Instability

  1. Main Mexican General of the North Mariano Paredes uses his army to overthrow President Herrera
  2. Puts himself in charge of Mexico.
  3. Showed the instability of the Mexican Government.
    1. Became an inviting picture for the expansionist U.S.
    2. 1846 Polk wrote in his diary “I do so desire war with Mexico”
    3. Same day report comes in the 16 Americans are killed in a skirmish with Mexican Troops in disputed territory
    4. Gave U.S. reason to declare war on Mexico

4. President Paredes is overthrown and replaced by the exiled Santa Anna who will lead Mexico against the U.S.

Mariano Paredes

President Jose Herrera

Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna

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