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Friars U.S. History

The Alamo, and Goliad

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The Alamo

William B. Travis

Davy Crockett

Jim Bowie

The Battle of the Alamo

1.        December 1835, Texas Rebels capture the town of San Antonio

2.       General Santa Anna arrives in February 1836 leading an army of 3000 Mexican Soldiers; his goal was to restore Mexican Rule.

3.      At the Alamo, a mission fort built by the Spanish, nearly 200 Texans including Jim Bowie, Davy Crockett and Colonel William B. Travis are held up inside.

4.       Fighting lasted for 13 days Santa Anna initially tried to lay siege to the fort, but the Texans resisted.

5.       The Texas were finally taken over when gunpowder, men and the walls of the Alamo finally gave out.

6.       All men were killed, Santa Anna ordered all bodies be piled up and burned, This angered many Texans and coined the phrase “Remember the Alamo”

James Fannin

General Urrea

Colonel Portillo

The Battle of Goliad

1.        General Jose Urrea lead the Mexican Army, James Fanin Lead a detachment of 365 Texans.

2.       Fanin surrendered his entire army without firing a shot, believed he was vastly outnumbered, also believed his men would be treated as POWs.

3.      General Urrea left prisoners in the charge of Lieutenant Colonel Portilla, with explicit instructions to “Treat all prisoners well, especially Fanin”

4.       Same day Portilla received word from Santa Anna to execute all prisoners taken by force.

5.       On the morning of March 27th 1836, Portilla had the 365 Texas prisoners awaken, split into three groups and shot.

6.       As a result of these executions U.S. began to send troops and supplies to help the Texans cause.

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