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Friars U.S. History

The Boston Tea Party

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The New Deal for America
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Boston Tea Party

1. Tea Act(1773)
            a. British gov't granted British East India Company a monopoly of  
                the American tea trade.
                i.    BEIC on the verge of bankruptcy which would have cost the
                     British government huge revenues.
                ii.  Price of tea would be even lower than existing prices, even with the tax.
            b. Americans reacted angrily: saw Tea Act as an attempt to trick colonies
                into accepting the tax through cheaper tea.

          The Boston Tea Party

          Tea Act (1773)-charged a tax on all tea coming into colonies

          most water had poor taste-boiled with tea leafs to make drinkable

          reaction to the act became widespread

          Delaware Committee for Tarring and Feathering took care of the tea shippers

Those who bought tea were marked as traitors

          Dartmouth- arrived in Nov. 1773 with tea

          Sam Adams and Sons of liberty called for the ships return to England

          Gov. Thomas Hutchinson ordered Boston Harbor to be closed

          Dec. 17, 1773-Sons of Liberty, dressed as Indians, boarded the Dartmouth

          brewed Boston Harbor with 90,000 lbs. Of tea

          tea washed up 200 miles down the shores

 Results of the Boston Tea Party

          King George forced the 5 Intolerable Acts (coercive acts)

          Boston Port Act-Closed port

          Massachusetts Gov’t Act-turned over the gov’t to the royal officials

          Impartial Administration of Justice Act-royal officials accused of crimes were tried in Britain

          Quartering Act-revised 1765 act to where soldiers could be placed in private homes


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