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Friars U.S. History

War in the South

Reasons for the depression
whos who
Reasons for the crash
Hoover tries to help
The New Deal for America
Photo Analysis
Evaluating the New Deal
Whos Who WWII
The Rise of Hitler
The Government of Hitler/The Fighting begins
Mobilizing for the War
Poster Analysis
Victory in Europe
The End....aren't you glad!?

War in the south
A. After loss at Saratoga British sought to crush the rebellion in the South-believed North would fall.
1. British were able to move soliders faster by ship.
2. Believed many more of the peope in the South were still loyal to Britian.
3. British needed their support for successful campaign.
B. Loyalist failed to come through
1. South seemed to have more patriots
2. Gave guns and food to the Americans.
3. Gave a distinct advantage to the American Cause.

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