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Friars U.S. History

The Rise of Carranza

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The rise of Carranza

1.       Following the removal of Huerta, Venustantia Carranza despite the objections of Villa declares himself President of Mexico

2.       Villa and Zapata’s forces joined and forces and Carranza’s army led by Alvaro Obregon (lefty) were forced to flee Mexico City.

3.       Led to a temporary peace agreement between Villa, Zapata, & Obregon.

a.       Nominated Eulalio Guitierrez as intern president

b.      Zapata and Villa agreed to withdrawal from Mexico City

4.       Villa and Zapata remained loyal to each other and supported Guitierrez

5.       Carranza and Obregon secretly plotted to reinstall Carranza as President

6.       U.S. Claimed that they would support the strongest faction.

Battle of Celaya

1.       Villa army was pitted against Carranza’s army led by General Obregon

2.       Villa is routed, in one of the bloodiest battles of the Revolution

3.       A short time later Carranza is recognized as the true President of Mexico by the U.S.

4.       Villa was led to believe he would be recognized

5.       No longer would he receive guns and aid from the U.S.

6.       Villa is angry and vows revenge against the United States.

Create a time line of the Mexican Revolutions, you should include 25-30 major event with explanations, and it must span the entire Revolution. This assignment should be hand written and is due today before you leave. don't waste time and get to work now.

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