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Friars U.S. History

The Reign of Huerta

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The Reign of Huerta


  1. When Huerta assumed power of Mexico by force, most countries around the world acknowledged his legitimacy as the rightful leader of Mexico.
  2. The U.S. refused to recognize him as the leader of Mexico
    1. President Woodrow Wilson saw him as a dictator and a leader in violation of the Mexican Constitution.
  3. March 1913 Venustiano Carranza issued what was called the Plan de Guadalupe which was refusal to recognize the legitimacy of the Huerta government.
    1. Villa, Zapata, Carranza and Obregón led the fighting against Huerta.
    2. The United States with its disapproval of Huerta got involved. April of 1914, American forces seized and occupied the port of Veracruz.


  1. Huerta was forced from power and fled to Spain
    1. He later tried to re-enter Mexico to start another counter-revolution with the help of the German Government which had supported his rule, but was detained by the U.S. trying to cross the border in El Paso Texas.
    2. Stayed in U.S. custody under house arrest until his death in 1916

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