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Friars U.S. History

John Brown Raids

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John Brown

The John Brown Raid

1.       Following the Pottawatomie Massacre John Brown fled Kansas and headed east.

2.       Brown armed his band of 20 men not including 5 former slaves.

3.       His plan was to seize the  federal arsenal at Harpers Ferry Virgina

a.       He planned to give the arsenals weapons to nearby slaves in hopes of starting a slave revolt

4.       He easily gained control of the arsenal

a.       However no slaves came to aid the group

b.      Days later federal troops under the command of Colonel Robert E. Lee assaulted the arsenal.

c.       Killed half of Brown’s men and captured the rest including Brown himself.

5.       Brown was tried and convicted of murder, criminal conspiracy, and treason.

a.       He was hanged along with 6 of his followers

6.       Many people of the time questioned the sanity of Brown, while others felt he had acted justly, and had died for a noble cause.

Raid on Harpers Ferry

The last moments of John Brown

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