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Friars U.S. History

The Battle of San Jacinto and Peace

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Victory at San Jacinto

1.        In the months following the battles of Goliad and The Alamo, Sam Houston began to reorganize his Texas Army.

2.       The excesses that the Mexican Army placed on the Texans after both battles brought sympathy from the U.S. that began to send troops and supplies to help.

3.      In the middle of the afternoon on April 21st Sam Houston caught Santa Anna’s troops off guard near the San Jacinto River,

4.       Within a half hour 800 Texas troops had captured or killed the entire 1500 man Mexican Army.

5.       Santa Anna barely escaped in only his drawers and slippers, and was capture two days later posing a common Mexican Farmer and taken into custody.

The Peace Treaty

1.        As a prisoner Santa Anna was forced to sign two treaties one public and one private.

a.      In the public treaty he agreed:

                                                               i.      He would not again take up arms against the movement for Texas Independence nor would he try to persuade his fellow Mexicans to do so.

                                                             ii.      All hostilities between Mexico and Texas would cease immediately

                                                           iii.      The Mexican Army would be withdrawn across the Rio Grande River.

b.       In the secret agreement (later made public) he agreed:

                                                               i.      To prepare the Mexican Cabinet to receive a peace mission from Texas so the Independence of Texas could be formally recognized by the Mexican Government.

Consequences of the Treaty

1.        When Santa Anna returned to Mexico City he was poorly received

2.       Claimed he only signed the treaties to save his own skin and had no intention of keep his end of the bargain on either.

3.      The U.S. recognized the independence of Texas in March 1837, ultimately sealing the fate of Texas becoming part of the United States.

4.       For the next 9 years Texas would be its own republic but more problems were brewing with Mexico.


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