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Friars U.S. History

The Paris Peace Conference

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The New Deal for America
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The Rise of Hitler
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Victory in Europe
The End....aren't you glad!?

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The Paris Peace Conference

1.       Meeting was dominated by the big four, Woodrow Wilson of the U.S. British Prime Minister David Lloyd George, French Premier Georges Clemenceau, and Italian Prime Minister Vittorio Orlando

2.       Orlando, George and Clemenceau insisted that Germany bear the financial cost of the war by paying huge reparations

a.       They also wanted many secret spoils of war treaties honored

3.       After three months of debate the delegates agreed and the official signing of the Treaty of Versailles took place in the palace of Versailles just outside of Paris

a.       Many in the U. S. government felt that the terms were harsh and humiliating

b.      Germanys colonies and the Ottoman Empire were divided among the Allied nations

c.       Germany was disarmed, forced to admit full responsibility for the war and charged billions in reparations

4.       At the insistence of President Wilson the treaty required the new colonial leaders to report to a League of Nations

a.       Wilson believed that this would remedy any injustices the treaty might contain

b.      The agreement required member nation to try to solve disputes peacefully and if negotiations failed the nations were required to observe a waiting period before going to war

c.       If any member nation did not adhere to this procedure the executive council could apply economic pressure and even recommend the use of force against the offending Nation.



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